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Ningbo Lucky International Trade Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of woman raffia hat , headwear , man straw hat , headgear , woman wool hat

NingBo JinTian Garments Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of women's cotton blouse , lady's blouse , cotton shirt , women's linen blouse , linen shirt

Ningbo Ziso Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturer of men dress shirt , man jacket , t-shirt , man t-shirt , men garment


Contact Information:
Zhejiang Shengzhou Future Necktie & Dress Co., Ltd
Add: No 12,4 Road Necktie Industry Zone,Shengzhou,Zhejiang,China
P.C.: 312400
Tel: 0086-575-83352398
Fax: 0086-575-83352399
M.T: 013967511598
Web Site: Http://www.futurenecktie.com
E-mail: harrywang@vip.163.com

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